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Google Sheets – Updating from a Menu

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Something which has been a problem people have run into, is that google sheets have a problem with automatically updating figures from custom functions. You’ll often find functions which suggest having a useless reference to a cell which you can then use to trigger the updates. This is obviously...

Memoirs: Death

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For most capsuleers, Death is a constant companion. If we’re not dying, we’re killing. If we’re not killing, we’re trading in the implements of death. If we’re not trading, we’re manufacturing new and improved ways of killing people. Funny occupations for someone...

Memoirs: Kyonoke Inquest

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The inquest at the H4-RP4 facility. Kyonoke. That wasn’t a good time. I couldn’t not go, not when I received the invitation. If I hadn’t received one, I’d have kicked up whatever trouble I could, until I got one; But I have to admit, I was still terrified. I mean, I live in a bubble....

Using ESI with Google Sheets

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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, so here it finally is; How to use ESI, with google sheets. Now, the unauthenticated endpoints are relatively easy. You’ll still need to write a little code for them, or steal it from somewhere else, but other than that, it should just work....

Ore compression calculator

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I’ve updated the compression calculator with a couple of new features, and stomped out a bug. The bug was it had the wrong volume for some ores. (oops. it was hooked up to an old database.) That’s now sorted, and hooked up to the DB which updates when a new version comes out. New Features: Output...

CSM voting suggestions

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I am, of course, suggesting that you put me (Steve Ronuken) first on your ballot. I want to be elected after all I would recommend you read the campaign posts, maybe do a little more research.   So, onto other candidates to consider: Third party Candidates: Vincent Eneticum Carbon Alabel Highsec...

CSM Stuff – The MER changes

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If you’ve been paying attention since the second CSM summit happened, you’ll probably have notice that there’s been some controversy kicked up by a change which is planned for the MER (Monthly Economic Report) The short version is: Aryth asked for the figures to stop being on a regional...

CSM Stuff – The Voting System

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You’ll have seen (probably) that the elections for CSM 12 are coming up in the near future (Voting starts on the 6th of March). I’m not going to go into details for what the CSM is (There are resources out there.), or who to vote for (Me, obviously ) What this post is about is the voting system...

Memoirs – Flying

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(Fiction! Yay!) I guess this is the key feature of being a capsuleer. Piloting a ship, flying with just your mind. I’ve been told the experience is different for everyone, so I can only speak for myself. It’s a hard thing to put into words, but I’ll try. Have you ever driven? Where you...

Memoirs – Humanity

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(Fiction, yay ) Am I still human? That’s an interesting question. I guess the technically correct answer is no. I’m not. This body isn’t born, it’s made. My brain isn’t grown, it’s forced into a state when my last body died. While it’s probably now a match for my...

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