Ultramar Independent Contracting

Frans van Berendonk # Eve Online # Ultramar Independent Contracting

"The terror of death is to die, our task incomplete. The joy of life is to die, knowing that our task is done."

The strong survive. The weak perish. UICON excells at giving new capsuleers the knowledge and tools they need to survive in the harshest regions of space. In turn, we ask their commitment to our cause and to show outstanding conduct during our operations. We do not bow to anyone, not even CONCORD, in our unification effort to find a place among the stars for all free spirits of the Republic.

Public channel: UICON Public

Killboard Link

What do we offer:
+ Lowsec-based POS services
+ Relaxed corp atmosphere
+ Teamspeak, Forums, Fleets
+ Fleet Ops & Voice Comms

Who we wish to recruit:
+ Lowsec PVE & PVP pilots
+ Blackops & Covops pilots
+ Logibros

What we require:
+ Active & subscribed account
+ Microphone or headset (TS)
+ A sense of humour


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