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As any PVP corporation, UICON fields a variation of fleets depending on circumstance and the whims of it's military commanders. Below are the most common fleets players can expect to find in their Fleet Finder. The Fleet Finder is an essential tool that allows you to browse through available fleets and join them. Apart from these fleets, our allies might also host interesting fleets and events listed in the Fleet Finder.

Standing Fleets

It is common and best practice for UICON members to band together in the Standing Fleet. If no Standing Fleet is up yet, any member can make one and is expected to do so. A standard Standing Fleet is open to corporation members, and normally also to allies with +5 Standing or greater. The purpose of the Standing Fleet is simple: it allows you to interact with corp members on a fleet level (warping, boosting) and allows anyone wanting to form an ops fleet to organize a Squad or Wing. The Standing Fleet is free-move by default and has no named Wings or Squads at it's inception. Ideally, The Standing Fleet is never disbanded, but things like timezones and downtime make that an unrealistic standard.

Roaming Fleets

Every member in UICON has the right to call for a roam and FC it. Other players willingly commit ships to a Roaming Fleet, you'll be surprised how many members are interested in no-nonsense roaming with corpmates and allies. A Roaming Fleet may, in fact, simply be a Wing in the Standing Fleet that leaves the home systems in hopes of finding good fights. A Roaming Fleet is usually composed of either Doctrine ships, or ships following at least a degree of strategy. Currently, Armor Cruisers With Logistics is a populair concept for these type of fleets. UICON Fleet Commanders will ask you to ship up and fit according to a strategy, but also allow for some leeway by allowing players to fly hero tackle- or EWAR frigates of an opposing tank type. These force multipliers are welcome in any fleet, as long as the fleet has sufficient backbone and off- or lightly tanked players understand a hard tackle on them usually means instant death.

Siege Fleets

UICON corp life isn't completely devoid of structure grind and capital warfare. One of our most beloved fleet doctrines is in fact, one that revolves around remote-repairing Battleships, using the noble Dominix as a workhorse supported by specialist Battleships from other races. The beauty of this fleet type is that it can use support (in the form of a heavily tanked Cruiser or Battlecruiser squad) or act as support for a capital fleet. Since the ships needed to field a Siege Fleet require some hefty SP investments, it is also expected capsuleers can micromanage well enough to operate an RR ship or at the very least, have an understanding of the mechanics involved, which usually amount to simply staying within remote-repair range.

Blackops Fleets

What woud lowsec life be without covert ops? UICON is fully capable of fielding a Blackops Fleet and senior members are advised to continue training into at least a few branches of this fleet type. A player typically progresses from Covops to Recon or T3, and finally into Blackops as a specialization. Blackops is a high risk / high reward activity commonly conducted with corp members or allies with +10 Standings to mitigate the chances of a high-profile awox. The exact tactics and strategies involved in UICON Blackops Fleets are classified and will not be published online.


UICON does limited industry, mainly following up on the conquest of moons and planets in low security space. Also, there is some demand among players for minerals to build Mordus and Angel ships since the blueprints can be found as rare drops in our local area. It's our goal for 2015 to organize a Mineral Exchange Program, securing income for the few miners we have and allowing the corp and it's members to build stock locally by investing ISK.

POS Management

With POS ownership comes maintanance. Recognizing the effort and time involved POS jobs are usually done by the Directorate, either personally or overseeing a transport operation. Players that can fly a Blockade Runner and are willing to lend a helping hand once every so often are highly valued. UICON is not an industrial corporation, and moon products are usually cashed in quickly and efficiently in order purchase Doctrine shipsCapital shipsLiquid Ozone, and various Isotopes to fuel the war machine in times of need.

Planetary Interaction

UICON and it's classified sister corp own a selection of POCOs on which 0% tax rates have been applied for UICON members. Since PI is an active business, and the customs landscape changes near-daily, it's easiest just to ask in corp chat where you can find the planets you prefer to use. UICON does not attempt to conquer all POCOs that we can realistically obtain, just what we need to do PI in comfort. They are a worse investment then a small moon mining POS, and cost about the same level of effort to reinforce but with different timer mechanics. However, we do consider it good practice to make sure corp members have a place to semi-passively make some ISK through PI on 0% taxed POCOs.


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