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A few key points to our ingame philosophy stand out like no others:


Eve Online is sometimes ridiculed for it's extensive screening on new recruits in player corporations. While any run-of-the-mill MMO has a grouping system in which griefing is minimized as much as possible, allowing someone in your Eve corporation exposes your entire group to the whims of this individual. A spy or saboteur can cause severe harm to a corporation and infiltration is a very valid gameplay element. That being said, UICON is't exactly a shining example of good beviour itself, engaging in many activities considered criminal by CONCORD, the NPC police force of New Eden. Consisting of scoundrals, thieves, gankers and duellistas, we have a history rife with robbery and ransom payments. This is why our recruiters must take extra care during the screening process, as we wish to recruit intelligent and dangerously creative individuals. Operating on the slippery slope of negative security status, the typical UICON pilot is crafty, resourcefull, and above all well informed. Their guidelines are simple:

Be A Gentleman, Always

UICON appreciates class. We do not appreciate smacktalk or EULA breaking hostilities in local. Should a UICON agent show signs of excessive or childish behaviour, Directorate may choose to reprimand, strip Titles from, or even kick the offending player depending on the severity of the offense. Under no circumstance is discrimination based on race, gender or (dis)ability allowed. In-game roleplaying may be geeky but is off course exempt from any persecution.

Do Not Consort With The Enemy

There is no harm in having a chat with a player flagged hostile to the corporation. However, these relations are to remain strictly personal. Should a UICON agent (or any of UICON's blues) be found selling high-value or rare commodities to hostile forces (open market effects notwithstanding) this is grounds for termination and flagging as a War Target.

Likewise, Honour Your Brothers In Arms

Blue-on-blue violence is allowed in the context of friendly duelling or tournament play, and killboards will not be scrubbed to look for offending kills. Should a blue file a complains with anyone in Directorate this will be taken seriously and the matter will be investigated. In case of a first-offense the offender is expected to take responsibilty and reimburse. Repeat-offenders may face excommunication, leaving in bad standing. Ganking blues is detrimental to any corporate diplomacy.

Do Not Supply Tears In Local

Anything you type in local post-defeat apart from GF equals tears, which are interpreted as a sign of weakness by many. That being said, post-combat discussions with fellow pirates about the fight in question can yield valuable information. UICON agents are advised to be cautious about idle banter and to follow their FC's requests regarding local comms. Most people in UICON are full adults and perfectly capable of not making a fool of themselves in local, but we all know losing a ship in Eve can be harrowing. We aspire to be pilots who can mentally process a loss with ease, and do not let others suffer our frustrations.

Honour Your Ransoms

We are one of the few lowsec corporations still enamoured by the concept of space piracy and ransoming. We have a history of honouring our ransoms and keeping to our word when doing business, even the shady kind. A pirate should be confident in his ability and show skill with his modules, not his tongue. We have made explicit effort in being able to quickly redeem security status, and we actually want our targets to return at some time. Killing pods is fine, but if a player entrusts you with his ISK show that you are capable of doing business as well as you hunt, and you might have yourself a client. The key to successfull extortion racketeering is staying reasonable and honest, no matter how backward that sounds.

And don't forget to have fun. Eve isn't a game you should take super-serious. It's a complex game with many, manymany variables to consider. But that is what I like about the game, your actions have real consequences. Sure, some people might still complain about the "negliable effects of security status and ship loss on gankers", but that's a strawman. A mechanical issue a certain group dislikes, nothing more. The real consequence stems from dealing with real people, from actual human intelligences being pitted against you in economical, physical, and even psychological battles spanning a network of thousands of players. That's awesome, no other MMO in existance pulls this off so enjoy the ride!

Fly safe(ties off)!


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