Resignation Letter

Frans van Berendonk # Eve Online # Ultramar Independent Contracting # Resignation Letter

In 2016 I resigned as CEO of Utramar Independent Contracting.

I remain active as a Director on the corporation. Jambo Flambo inherited my position as the public face of UICON. In short, I traded the right to set the corporate advertisement for the privilege of dying in stupid ways without being the figurehead of an entire corporation!

In truth my private life no longer allowed for the long stretches of playtime that come with organising anything in Eve Online. However, I still play when time permits and am glad to remain a part of an active, thriving lowsec corporation. I've set some minor industry goals for myself and hope to be logging in often enough to jump on the current meta and join a PVP fleet. I've always been a PVP-oriented player, while at the same time divulging in the sin of PVE in way to expensive ships.

I've even begun meshing my personal Industry with that of the corporation, and it's really cool to see that lowsec industry is not only viable, it's actually fun if you don't have a lot of time to press buttons, but still want to be involved in local affairs. On top of the planetary interaction I always did to fund my PVP, I've begun manufacuring ships from frigate to cruiser size, and am debating whether to welp these ships myself or put them on the market, or corporation contracts. Right now I'm focussing on getting large enough stockpiles to make meaningfull decisions.

Eve Online is a sandbox in whioch you set your own goals. Skill training aside, my main goal has always been to create a corporation that would be able to live out in hostile space on it's own. With my resignation it became exceptionally clear to me that I had succeeded, and needed another goal to keep being invested in Eve. At the time of writing the Purity of the Throne event is in full swing, corp chat and local intelligence channels are lively, and I'm convinced UICON will continue to remain active for a long time, perhaps even untill the servers expire.


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