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Chris Rock - would you like some [penis]?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90qpDg5y7Lo NSFW - potty mouth This is that old clip from Chris Rock to where he claims that anytime a man is nice to a female 13+ years old, he is also hoping for sex. I was raised to be a Southern Gentleman, to always assist a lady in need without wanting anything in...

I Have No Sympathy For People In Abusive Relationships

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None : I Have No Sympathy For People In Abusive Relationships Story & Experience I Have No Sympathy For People In Abusive Relationships None you picked the 'bad boy' because you thought you could change him or you thought that he might be nice to just you but he's not he beats you and yells at you...


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"For John Cena, this is his second marriage following his marriage to his childhood sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau. That marriage dissolved, and shortly after their divorce was finalized, John Cena revealed he was now dating Nikki Bella. One of the first instances that their relationship was made public...

Why am I getting this in my inbox? And who is "trustee?"

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I received the following message from "trustee" in my inbox. I was NOT amused. trustee Junior Member Join DateApr 2017Posts0Like(s) (Received)0 Reputation10 TypeBachelor Hello God bless you and thanks, how are you? Happy to meet you. I got your...

Trustee is a spammer

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I just got a pm from "Trustee" with a business investment opportunity but I just don't have the time for this church project from Reverand Chris. THanks Mods, John...

MGTOW Fantasy

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Hello guys, MGTOW wish they were threated like that by women : youtube.com/watch?v=8QJEQDGuhpM Agree or Disagree ? Hope you enjoy it :) PS : i didn't introduce myself to avoid you more drama and increase the fun...

Old school mgtow "confirmed bachelors."

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Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Women

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Truth in humor: -Dogs love it when your friends come over -Dogs think you sing great -A dog's time in the bathroom is confined to a quick drink -A dog will let you put a studded leather collar on it without calling you a pervert -The later you are, the more excited dogs are to see you -If you...

Hello Guys

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Hey guys, i just signed up and wanna drop a note and say hello to you. I learn about MGTOW 2 years ago from youtube channels like sandman, MGTOW 101 and others. Learn a ton about female nature and love the awakening experience. Now i understand why females behave this way and protect myself from such...

Discuss: ANTIFA are simply young men who wish to prove themselves in battle.

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What it says right there in the title. ANTIFA isn't about communism, or anachism, or fascism, or free speech, or anything else. It's mainly young men raised by women, who are looking to initiate themselves into manhood. Manipulated by older men and women, of course. But that's mainly what they are looking...

Me becoming a misanthropist

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Hi guys I just nearly spilled my beer over the keyboard watching this video Friggin hilarious. Stupidity never ceases to amaze me. I have to admit to my own surprise that I'm becoming slowly but surely a misanthropist. It is quite a shock to myself to have found out but I can't negate that fact...

As Good As It Gets Quote - Nicholson

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When the movie came out in 1997, this quote was one of my friend's favorites. When asked how he writes women so well, Nicholson's character says, "I think of a man; (pause) and I take away reason and accountability". Here's the YouTube clip if you want to see it in context. Come in at around...

Alex Jones divorce finalized - he got FUCKED

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It was discussed a lot all over different media outlets. The results in short: 2 million payoutlose 2 houses each worth 1 million each40,000 monthly in alimonylose all 3 children25,000 in child support...

Wife-Beater (The Shirt)

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So we all know about "The Wife-Beater" shirt that is some sort of tank-top/T-shirt kind of garment. My question is- is there a comparable garment for the female persuasion that is equally demeaning and derogatory though it's origins were apparently benign? Is there a woman's blouse called...

Sad news borthers..

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My very good friend of over 40 years just suffered the lose of his mother. I am talking about a crotchety old bitch that called it as she sees it. This loss hurts me as well since I also called her "Mom". She died this last Sunday at 12:45 am. Now she did not die young, she was 87 years old...

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