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Man Burns Down Home after Divorce

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Seventy-five years old and facing homelessness. What did he have to lose at this point? According to the article, the house was uninsured. A man has been found guilty of burning down a house so his ex-wife wouldn't get it in their divorce. Krste Kovacevski claimed he still owned the Wollongong home in...

Brooklyn man faces jail after murdering youth his girlfriend falsely accused of rape

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Stupid violent idiot is likely headed to prison because his girlfriend was cheating on him and told him that the man she was cheating on him with RAPED her. I don't care how many stories I've come across where a woman does something like this; it STILL pisses me...

Chiks dig jerks!

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The US Criminal “Justice System” is Devoid of Justice - "Wife Rape" allegations

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" . . . The insanity spread wider. Young women with emotional problems were told by “therapists” that they had been raped by their fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and brothers. Families everywhere were blown apart by wild charges. “Child advocates” insisted that all male heterosexuals were suspect as...

Which philosophy is most Red Pill?

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Okay, so what philosophy do you believe comes close to being Red Pill. I have seen people in the Manosphere mention Stoic, Nietzsche and Buddhism. Do you agree. Are there...

Women don't like equality.

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I was on the train the other day. As I got on, there was only one seat left available, and it was between me and this landwhale. I got there first and sat down. She got upset and complained saying 'You saw me coming to get the seat', I stayed silent and she continued saying 'I came first and you are a man...

Anti feminist, red pilled women will create a hughe MGTOW surge

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As you might have noticed, women are getting "red pilled" and "right wing." They are getting more conservative and traditional. They want to fight feminism, saying it doesn't represent them. They want to start conservative families and become stay at home moms. There are however several...

marital strain

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Something happened today, you know them moments when something comes along to reaffirm your red pill knowledge, well it was one of them moments that I tried to hold in my mind to share with you all.. A chap at work came out with an outburst earlier today, why I'm not sure, it's not like we are close friends...

Global warming.

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Hi guys. I am a frequent poster on another forum,discussing mostly p4p;however I would like opinions and fact about global warming,and climate change in the world we live in today.I am not a scientist;but I know(what I have read),we had five mass extinctions in the last five million years,f ex.Many ice ages...

Mgtow France Site

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Well men, I am back. I was busy in these past months with some problems but now I can post some interesting things I have found in these days that I was absent. And firstly I want to post here a interesting site I found called "Mgtow-France": MGTOW - France | MGTOW, masculinisme, condition...

Mistrial declared in trial of bitch that tried to kill herself & kids.

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I don't believe this. The bitch is fucking guilty. But of course since its a chick then she gets a pussy pass and the ol' "She is depressed and needs help" crap. She pulled into a parking lot and tried to kill herself & kids. Thank God some passer by saw it and stopped the kids from dying. To...

Females who have herpes..found that out much later

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Do you encounter females who has sores around their mouth area (which might indicate herpes virus infection), what is your reaction to that? Especially so if you have sex with her already. I know there are mgtows who go for P4P and pump and dump fun, do you guys worry about...

Boxer fights like he's Neo from the Matrix (Vasyl Lomachenko) (Trust me, you got to see this).

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This is some unique training! Check out this break down of his reasons for doing what he does. Mention of the Art of...

Custody Fight: "Man Allegedly Killed His Two Kids Before Hanging Himself"

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"A California man who was involved in a bitter custody battle with his estranged wife allegedly killed his two kids before hanging himself" https://www.yahoo.com/news/california-man-allegedly-killed-two-190515372.html Commenters: "Divorce and custody arrangements bring out the worst in...

Ever notice how women are such sneaks?

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Did you guys ever notice how women take advantage of a horrible situation then blame each other but lie to your face when confronted? I was thinking of something that happened 4 years ago today while mowing the lawn. On the 1st day of summer 4 years ago, I was living with a work friend who didn't drive....

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